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Yoga in hot temperatures: what to expect

Over the last few years, hot yoga has seen a huge increase in popularity. While traditional forms of yoga accomplish calming effects, stretching benefits and even aerobic exercise, and they are ideal to get toned, lose weight and improve mind balance, a little heat can add even extra benefits. A couple of forms of yoga […]

How to plan your dream yoga holiday?

I hear you -you’ve had enough of the same old rushed, overcrowded and stereotypical holiday destinations. This year is different, you need a REAL break, and you need time to work on your own well-being and inner peace. You’ve heard about yoga retreats, and you’re curious about them, but you’re not exactly sure how to […]

3 sure ways a yoga retreat will help you find your life purpose

There exist only a few who have discovered and grasped their true potential in life. Indeed, this is a very challenging task. Our society values those things that have barely any spiritual significance: money, status, goals… so it’s really hard not to believe that your happiness and well-being lie in the better-paid job, the bigger […]

The journey and the destination

A good friend of mine loved to talk about the great poem Ithaca by Constantine P. Cavafy. He knew it by heart, he quoted different passages to illustrate different situations. Every time, he made me wonder whether I was living life to the fullest. The poem talks about the obstacles Odysseus had to face on […]