Yoga retreat advantages

Going on a retreat… from what?

More and more, I find new people who, when I tell them I organize yoga retreats, tell me they have been looking for something like that. They are looking for meaningful and transformational holidays, well beyond the typical days off. A few days, a long weekend, a week, or even a month can achieve so much more than just one yoga class or workshop!

There is a change in life perception happening –when someone makes a conscious decision to explore their spirituality through a yoga or meditation retreat it certainly means they are going on a lifelong journey of discovery. For many others, though, you might still be struggling to find time to snug in some more time for one more yoga class in the middle of your busy day. Taking part in these classes makes you feel better, more grounded, more flexible…

Is, then, a yoga retreat for you?

Even when you feel you don’t have time, if this idea has crossed your mind –don’t let it die! A yoga retreat will positively change you inside-out. Attending several in-depth classes in a short period of time in a setting far from one’s home can fuel energetic and emotional connections. Not only will you spend lots of time with other people with similar interests, but you will also have time to observe yourself in the presence of others and your place in the world.

If you’ve ever slightly considered a retreat, read on –these are a few reasons that should make you go for it!

  1. Deep rest, clean air and relaxation will help your body rhythm readjust to its natural state.
  2. Getting out of your daily routine and regular landscape will help you make space for something new when you go back.
  3. Practising yoga regularly on a retreat is a good way to get the feeling of starting your own personal practise. Consistency will also improve your flexibility –in and out of the mat- so you can approach situations more peacefully.
  4. Meet new people for real. Mindfulness and meditation exercises will open people’s hearts and help melt down barriers so authentic connections are born within the group.
  5. Get on track with healthier eating. With organic, vegetarian meals provided, you don’t have to stress about the preparation and you can dive into how to sustain a healthier lifestyle through new types of cooking and food in general.
  6. You will find the time you need to reflect upon some life questions. Meditation will help you in countless ways, and some of the bonuses of sitting in silence regularly on a retreat, you will notice when you go back home –you will start acting more naturally, quit spending your valuable time and energy on things that don’t serve you, and happiness will naturally expand.

Bottom line, what’s most important is that everything (or most things!) you learn on a retreat you can take back home with you and start applying in your daily life. The choice is yours: if you’re ready to pursue a new, happier and healthier lifestyle, go on a yoga retreat! Your body and mind will thank you for it.