How to plan your dream yoga holiday?

How to plan your dream yoga holiday?

I hear you -you’ve had enough of the same old rushed, overcrowded and stereotypical holiday destinations. This year is different, you need a REAL break, and you need time to work on your own well-being and inner peace. You’ve heard about yoga retreats, and you’re curious about them, but you’re not exactly sure how to pick the right combination.

Here are a few tips on how to plan your dream holiday this year! Just ask yourself a few questions, and it will be super easy to choose!


Define your yoga

Yoga retreats and yoga holidays come in all shapes and sizes, but one of the most important things you need to consider is how committed you are to your yoga practise. Remember there are usually two types of retreats: retreats and holidays. Yoga retreats usually dedicate a lot of time to yoga, and yoga holidays are more relaxed and will include more activities and cultural visits. Take this into account so as not to be disappointed!

Consider as well which school of yoga you follow and remember to bear that in mind!! At Surya Retreats you will frequently find flow-based yoga styles like Ashtanga or Vinyasa, but other yoga schools like Sivananda or Hatha are also common in our yoga retreats.


Pick a teacher

If your teacher already offers yoga retreats, you’re in the right direction. They will be able to guide you and tell you if the retreat they’re organizing is right for your level and your expectations.

But if your teacher is not planning any retreat anytime soon, make sure you get to know the teacher before attending their retreat. Learn about their biography, their experience, and if you can, connect with them directly to express your concerns, tell them about your practise and even your injuries. It will be easier to decide if you will get along with your teacher once they have explained their style of teaching and their goals on the retreat.


Mountain or Sea?

In terms of destinations, you want to narrow down the field of options. Perhaps you don’t want to travel too far from your country of origin, perhaps you’d like to the roots of yoga in India, or perhaps you think it’s safer to start with a Mediterranean country.

If your choice happens to be Spain, beware that you will still find very many different destination options with different atmospheres in this country too: yoga retreats can take place near the Mediterranean Sea and include plenty of water and sun-bathing time, they can happen in the Pyrenean Mountains and offer ski and snow-shoeing, or they can happen in the middle of the serene countryside in idyllic farmhouses.


Consider the advantages of prearranged packages

A couple of the upsides of buying a prearranged holiday package are convenience and comfort. This basically means some other person will worry beforehand about your safety, health conditions, and reliability of all the providers so you can concentrate on the joy of your yoga practise.

It is true –packages will be more expensive than if you buy an accommodation-only type of retreat, but consider all the decision-making time you are saving! Additionally, yoga retreat packages also include adventure and free-exploration to your holidays!


Whatever option you choose, yoga holidays are transforming experiences that will help you discover a new you. Peace and stillness, but also improved energy and strength are only a few of the gifts you will take home after attending a yoga retreat. Yoga holidays will also allow you to meet fellow yogis and other interesting travelers on the same spiritual path while having lots of fun.

Is your perfect retreat clear in your mind? It’s time to choose, then!