Yoga Retreat or Yoga holiday

Are you ready to attend a yoga retreat… or a yoga vacation?

So you’ve decided you want to follow your favourite yoga teacher on her latest retreat. Or perhaps you have seen a beautiful ad online with yoga by the Mediterranean Sea, and you can already picture yourself drinking sangria in between chaturangas.

Oh, boy, don’t fool yourself! A yoga retreat might have less of those sangrias by the ocean and more 6am-wake-up-calls-to-meditation than you can imagine! On the other hand, if you are really committed to a very enlightening and demanding yoga practise and you find yourself in the middle of a Spanish fiesta, you might think you have not made a very wise choice.

So how to tell a yoga retreat apart from a yoga vacation before it’s too late? We’ll help you out here:

What is a yoga vacation?

Usually, a yoga vacation features a fun and gentle schedule. The location is generally close to main attractions, and the focus is on having a good time. You will be offered excursions (horse-back riding, snorkeling…) and other sports to complement your yoga (kayaking, surfing…). Food costs may or may not be covered, and there will be at least one yoga (asana) session per day.

It is for you if: A yoga vacation is for you if you expect a restful week and want to indulge in some good fun while doing some yoga as well. Because this combination just feels so good!!


What is a yoga retreat?

A yoga retreat often requires much more discipline. Retreats take place in quite austere locations, namely ashrams, retreat centers or educational centers. Food is generally vegetarian, and daily schedule tends to begin at 6am (or earlier!), with not only asana, but also lots of meditation, chanting, and educational talks. Participants are expected to attend all elements of the retreat.

It is for you if: A yoga retreat is for you if you want real and strict immersion, and your aim is to grow personally through your yoga practise instead of enjoying a chill-out holiday.


What will you find at Surya Retreats?

At Surya Retreats, we usually offer yoga vacations, and only a few strictly-speaking yoga retreats. However, our yoga retreats always take place in stunning locations and there is usually enough free time to unwind and discover Spain during your trip. We want you to enjoy your yoga while you discover this beautiful country!

Do not hesitate asking us questions –it’s your money, your time, and we know how you value them!  We always provide a sample schedule for you to get an idea, but please make sure you are ok with things like what time you have to wake up in the morning, what style of yoga is taught, the sleeping and bathroom arrangements, the type of food provided and the amount of free time.

We will always tell you everything which we think you might need to know, but please, talk to us! Let us know anything you feel that might influence your experience – it can be anything from your need of free time to your being a vegetarian and wanting to stick to that during your vacation.

And once you have made your decision, book the trip and let it flow! We will make sure you enjoy every second of it, whether you have chosen a quiet and reflective retreat, or a wild, adventurous ride!