Enjoying yoga retreat

How to truly enjoy your yoga retreat

Whether you have decided to go on a yoga retreat because you want to escape your daily routine, because you want to meet new friends, discover a new country, or really deepen your yoga practise, remember that a yoga retreat is only for you, and your personal growth. A retreat is the place where to reconnect with your true self and look inside to find what you might be seeking.

No two experiences are the same, so open your heart to healing, peace, strength, love and joy. We have prepared some tips to help you enhance your yoga retreat experience!

Make sure you really disconnect

Put away your phone and any other device that connects you to whatever it is you left back home. Pretty much anything can wait until you get home –oh, believe me, everything from work emails to friends asking about how your retreat went will still be there!- so stay away from the distractions. The more connected you are to technology, the less present you will be. Disconnect and enjoy the moment.

Be mindful

Make an effort to being present in the moment: notice the beauty in your surroundings, smell new aromas, listen to the sounds of a different language and the sea waves, savour with all your taste buds, breathe deep through every yoga pose. Remember why you wanted to take time off your everyday life, and do so mindfully.

Be open-minded

Not all types of retreats appeal to all types of yogis. Also, it can be that a certain meditation technique, chanting, or going on a horse-back riding excursion do not necessarily appeal to you. Still –allow yourself to be open to new experiences. Let go of all disapproval and of all the negative thoughts (“Oh, my gosh, I will look so stupid!”, “I don’t know how to sing”, “this looks a little too crazy for me”…) and think that perhaps, those things you are now resisting are the ones you need most.

Let go of all judgement

Let go of your expectations. Be aware that they do not serve you. When you visit a foreign country with different customs, you might be tempted to impose your own set of rules (what’s the “right” time to eat, what’s the “right” clothes to wear”, what’s the “right” food to cook…) and discard those in the foreign land as wrong. Be aware that this judgemental position is egotistic and will prevent you from fully appreciating the magic of the yoga retreat.

Find some “me time”

Sometimes, while we’re on a retreat, there are so many good things happening at the same time, we don’t want to miss any! But make sure you set aside some time for yourself –to read, listen to the birds, take a nap in the hammock, or just rest by the pool. A yoga retreat is the perfect time to indulge in the luxury of doing nothing!