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Surya Retreats was my dream once.

Having worked in the tourism business for a long time, and loving the practise of yoga, years ago I felt the urgent need to show my fellow yogis what my beautiful country, Spain, has to offer. A yoga practitioner myself, I had worked internationally over the last 10 years in the tourism industry, specializing in destination marketing for my home country.

Having attended several retreats with the eye of a long-term tourism professional, I knew well enough what yogis look for during their retreats. Besides, I knew the Spanish territory very well and I truly believe there is not a more beautiful, landscape-diverse country in Europe. I wanted to show yogis Spanish local culture, tasty food and astounding natural beauty, as well as getting them inspired to share their practise amongst each other.

And that’s what made¬†Surya Retreats¬†possible.

For 3 years, I travelled around Spain looking for the best yoga retreats, and meeting very inspiring people. I contacted yoga teachers worldwide who organized their retreats here with me. I organized their retreats, and I met all those yogis who wanted to practise here in Spain. It was fun.

After those years, I was running short both on free time and money, and what I felt was way more important than that -I noticed I started to feel a slow burnout feeling deep down inside.

It wasn’t easy, but I decided to quit before it was too late. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and this experience definitely made me stronger and wiser.

I’m now off the business, but I still love this business! I still love practising yoga, going on retreats and traveling, and I still have all this knowledge experience has left behind with me. So¬†I might share some insights here in my blog every now and then. ūüôā

I hope you enjoy it!



Laura Bujalance