Yoga in hot temperatures

Yoga in hot temperatures: what to expect

Over the last few years, hot yoga has seen a huge increase in popularity. While traditional forms of yoga accomplish calming effects, stretching benefits and even aerobic exercise, and they are ideal to get toned, lose weight and improve mind balance, a little heat can add even extra benefits. A couple of forms of yoga […]

Yoga retreat advantages

Going on a retreat… from what?

More and more, I find new people who, when I tell them I organize…
Chanting in yoga

How opening up to chanting changed how I feel about yoga

About a year ago, I knew nothing about chanting. Not that I’m…
Going alone on a yoga retreat

Why coming alone on a yoga retreat should not scare you

I know the feeling. You love yoga, and can’t live without it.…
How to plan your dream yoga holiday?

How to plan your dream yoga holiday?

I hear you -you’ve had enough of the same old rushed, overcrowded…

10 original places to sleep in your next yoga retreat in Spain

There are as many retreats out there as yogis in the world. If…
How to overcome your post-retreat blues

How do I overcome my retreat nostalgia?

It’s been only 5 days since I said goodbye to my last group.…
7 things to expect on a yoga retreat

7 things to expect from our yoga retreats

So we’re leaving on our yearly Mindfulness and Ashtanga Yoga…
How to find your purpose on a yoga retreat

3 sure ways a yoga retreat will help you find your life purpose

There exist only a few who have discovered and grasped their…
The journey and the destination

The journey and the destination

A good friend of mine loved to talk about the great poem Ithaca…
Yoga retreats fun

Buy holidays, not things!

I’m working non-stop these days. I love my work, but I happen…
How to attract your perfect yoga holiday

3 steps to attracting your perfect yoga holiday

My current job is a blessing –I get to travel a lot. Some days…
Yoga Your Heart in Barcelona

Top 5 moments of our Yoga Your Heart retreat in Barcelona

Oh wow. It was only a couple of weeks ago, and it already seems…
10 reasons to visit Spain

10 reasons to travel to Spain

Ok, fine, I might be a little biased here, but hey, after I’ve…
How to stay grounded while traveling

5 tips to stay grounded while traveling

Building some sort of routine is quite easy when you’re at…
Yoga Retreat or Yoga holiday

Are you ready to attend a yoga retreat… or a yoga vacation?

So you’ve decided you want to follow your favourite yoga teacher…
Enjoying yoga retreat

How to truly enjoy your yoga retreat

Whether you have decided to go on a yoga retreat because you…
Live to walk

Why traveling makes us better yogis

Traveling is more than just stepping on new lands and trying…