10 reasons to visit Spain

10 reasons to travel to Spain

Ok, fine, I might be a little biased here, but hey, after I’ve travelled to many amazing countries in the world, I must admit that Spain has something special and it should be on everyone’s to-visit list. If you’re frowning right now, it’s most certainly because you’ve only scratched the surface. Let me give you a few reasons why you should consider Spain in your next trip:

1. The fiesta!

There is no time of the year when you won’t run into a festival or fiesta of some kind in Spain. Many of our festivals are the actual reason why so many people visit us –take for instance Holy Week in Sevilla, the Carnival in Tenerife, the Tomatina in Valencia, or any of the thousand music festivals in the summer. Whatever the occasion, Spanish festivals are always unique and unforgettable.

2. The “typical Spanish”

The Spanish most often consider themselves completely apart from other European countries. The Spanish have an original country culture as a whole, and very distinct particularities in its different regions. You can’t compare Galicia to Andalusia, the Basque Country to Catalonia. On each visit, you will find new things that will surprise you as if you were in a completely different country. Even if you have travelled all around Europe, Spain won’t feel like anything you’ve visited before -take meal times, for instance!

3. The food

Spanish food is famous all around the world, and each region boasts its own delicacies: paella, jamón, pa amb tomàquet and croquetas pair well with sangria and Rioja wine. Tapas culture prevails, especially in Southern Spain. Yet in the north, in cities like San Sebastián, you can get pintxos with the most delicious combinations of ingredients you can imagine. Open your mind, and open your stomach!

4. The variety of landscapes

Yes, all countries have differences between North and South… but in Spain, every area is radically different from the next, and each one is incredibly beautiful in its own way. You will find beaches and glaciers, deserts and volcanoes, lakes and mountains, plains and marshes… discover the variety of landscapes hiking, cycling, kayaking… Spain is a paradise for adventure sports.

5. We are the friendliest people on Earth!

Yes, again, it’s just not fair for me to say that… but it’s true! Spanish people are very nice, and they never hesitate to answer your questions, give directions… they will even take it upon themselves to walk up to you and ask you if you need help, or they will tell you all they know about a certain place! Stop at a bar or café, and start a conversation with a local! They will love the conversation.

6. The Flamenco

Of course, the typical flamenco dancer with the polka dots dress and a fan is a bit clichéd, but if you venture out of the tourist spots and into the real and local flamenco shows, you will be absolutely mesmerized. If you like music and dancing, this contagious and energetic tradition is just the number one reason for you to travel to Spain.

7. The monuments everywhere

Anywhere you look, you will see some remarkable building, some architectural wonder, a surprising detail. Do not miss the Royal Palace in Madrid, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, the Alhambra in Granada, or the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela, just to name a few.

8. The incomparable beaches

Spain’s beaches have nothing to envy to the Caribbean. You need to know how to avoid the crowds and the busiest times of the year, but in Spain you will find it all: from turquoise blue waters in Menorca, to long white sand beaches in Galicia, and the most impressive natural landscapes in Almería.

9. Spain is just cool

Whether you are travelling on your own, with your friends, with your significant other or with your family, you will never be bored in Spain! This country has it all: Spain has something for every interest and for every age. Spain is tradition and culture, but it’s also modernity and eclecticism.

10. It’s easy to reach!

Last, but not least, Spain is highly accessible. With an extensive network of international airports and a good infrastructure for ground transportation –be it by train or by road, the Iberian Peninsula offers easy ways for visitors to travel between regions cheaply. High speed trains are modern, roads are well-maintained, and public transportation is safe, so traveling from one side of the country to the other can be done with complete peace of mind.


Most of the time, I just find it hard to explain in words. Spain is different. We say that all the time, and for good reason. There is nothing else left for me to say that –come, and let me convince you!