Yoga in hot temperatures

Yoga in hot temperatures: what to expect

Over the last few years, hot yoga has seen a huge increase in popularity. While traditional forms of yoga accomplish calming effects, stretching benefits and even aerobic exercise, and they are ideal to get toned, lose weight and improve mind balance, a little heat can add even extra benefits.

A couple of forms of yoga that require some heat are hot yoga and Bikram Yoga. These yoga styles take place in heated rooms (up to 40 degrees) and claim to provide added benefits to practitioners. Some say the artificial heat is supposed to mirror the heat of India, where yoga was originally born and people practise under such conditions.

However, if you’re not a big fan of an indoor room full of sweaty yogis, you can still enjoy all the added perks of a heated practise while practising outdoors in Spain! This was especially true in our last retreat in Málaga, Southern Spain, where temperatures during an intense heat wave reached almost 40 degrees during our evening practise! And the group did great, actually!

These are some of the advantages of practising yoga in hot temperatures:

  1. Detox. Sweating is the best way to remove toxins from your body, so embrace it! Plus, all blood cells are cleansed and oxygenated.
  2. Slim down. It’s quite obvious that with so much sweating, it’s easier to tone up the body and lose weight faster than with normal temperatures.
  3. Going deeper. The heat makes your blood thinner, which is pumped deeper into the muscles being stretched and hence making them stronger. It also helps in healing the joints. So you’ll feel deeper stretches and stronger muscles!
  4. High energy level. By practising a softer routine in a hotter place, your body gets the same intensity of a workout but with a low-impact exercise. Doing so under the Spanish Sun –it boosts your energy to the sky!

But one thing is true: yoga in hot temperatures is not for everybody. Extreme heat should be avoided by pregnant women and people with significant heart issues. It is also discouraged for people with epilepsy or taking anti-depressants, or being treated on anxiety or insomnia.

Prepare yourself

While your yoga practise will be highly satisfying (I promise!), please be prepared!! These are some precautions you should take:

  • Avoid eating a few hours before the class. Or if you really need to, have just a banana or a few almonds to pump up your energy.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol, which will only dehydrate you.
  • Drink plenty of water before, during, and after the class to make up for all the fluids you will sweat out.
  • Take as many breaks as you need during the class.

Yoga under the heat can be a little intimidating and you might be scared your body can’t handle it because it will be more difficult. But in fact, the opposite is true. Just follow our advice, and enjoy the Sun!

Yoga retreat advantages

Going on a retreat… from what?

More and more, I find new people who, when I tell them I organize yoga retreats, tell me they have been looking for something like that. They are looking for meaningful and transformational holidays, well beyond the typical days off. A few days, a long weekend, a week, or even a month can achieve so much more than just one yoga class or workshop!

There is a change in life perception happening –when someone makes a conscious decision to explore their spirituality through a yoga or meditation retreat it certainly means they are going on a lifelong journey of discovery. For many others, though, you might still be struggling to find time to snug in some more time for one more yoga class in the middle of your busy day. Taking part in these classes makes you feel better, more grounded, more flexible…

Is, then, a yoga retreat for you?

Even when you feel you don’t have time, if this idea has crossed your mind –don’t let it die! A yoga retreat will positively change you inside-out. Attending several in-depth classes in a short period of time in a setting far from one’s home can fuel energetic and emotional connections. Not only will you spend lots of time with other people with similar interests, but you will also have time to observe yourself in the presence of others and your place in the world.

If you’ve ever slightly considered a retreat, read on –these are a few reasons that should make you go for it!

  1. Deep rest, clean air and relaxation will help your body rhythm readjust to its natural state.
  2. Getting out of your daily routine and regular landscape will help you make space for something new when you go back.
  3. Practising yoga regularly on a retreat is a good way to get the feeling of starting your own personal practise. Consistency will also improve your flexibility –in and out of the mat- so you can approach situations more peacefully.
  4. Meet new people for real. Mindfulness and meditation exercises will open people’s hearts and help melt down barriers so authentic connections are born within the group.
  5. Get on track with healthier eating. With organic, vegetarian meals provided, you don’t have to stress about the preparation and you can dive into how to sustain a healthier lifestyle through new types of cooking and food in general.
  6. You will find the time you need to reflect upon some life questions. Meditation will help you in countless ways, and some of the bonuses of sitting in silence regularly on a retreat, you will notice when you go back home –you will start acting more naturally, quit spending your valuable time and energy on things that don’t serve you, and happiness will naturally expand.

Bottom line, what’s most important is that everything (or most things!) you learn on a retreat you can take back home with you and start applying in your daily life. The choice is yours: if you’re ready to pursue a new, happier and healthier lifestyle, go on a yoga retreat! Your body and mind will thank you for it.

Chanting in yoga

How opening up to chanting changed how I feel about yoga

About a year ago, I knew nothing about chanting. Not that I’m an expert today, but my perception has most certainly changed a lot.

I used to think chanting was for the crazy hippies and maybe the sect-bound weak personalities. I know –I was quite prejudiced. But hey, I’ve changed! Changed happened after the very first session. I was leading a retreat with Sivananda teacher Laia Puig, and she incorporating some chanting in the sessions.

It was powerful.

Just listening to her was mesmerizing, but when the group slowly started loosening up and joining here and there, we all could feel the energy. We were in a trance, we were singing the Sanskrit words and falling into some sort of spell that would last a long time after the singing.

After the retreat, I attended my first kirtan… boy, wasn’t that special! The singers would start singing the mantras slowly and little by little speed the rhythm up… following the rhythm, yogis attending the concert would clap, sing, dance, get up and jump with their hands to the sky.

The power of chanting was incredibly evident and I suddenly understood why so many spiritual traditions use it for transformation. I was transformed. I felt connected to all those people. I felt real happiness. And I wanted more.

If you’ve never experienced anything like this before, be open. And trust me, it will get pretty awesome. So allow yourself to be open to new experiences. Let go of any negative thoughts like “I will look stupid”, or “this is weird!”. Remember in yoga we always say that the poses you don’t like are the ones you should be practising most, because your body needs them most. The same is true for any experiences you are resisting.

So let go of the expectations and judgements that don’t really serve you and bring your awareness to the surrendering of the moment… Maybe just listen… maybe start moving… maybe chant a little… you will then experience the freedom that comes with living the moment.

Me, I’m leaving tomorrow on another retreat with Laia, and I expect more chanting, more freedom, more connection…

I cannot wait!

Going alone on a yoga retreat

Why coming alone on a yoga retreat should not scare you

I know the feeling. You love yoga, and can’t live without it. This time, you’ve decided you’re going to jump in and invest on a yoga retreat for your holidays. You’ve pictured it all in your mind, and it looks perfect: the warm Spanish sun, amazing beaches, a beautiful villa, your morning yoga practise and some meditation, and a group of friends sharing some delicious food toasting for the good times.

Except… who are these friends again? Oh-oh. None of YOUR friends are THAT much into yoga –let alone your partner! Some have tried it, and some are going to regular classes, but they don’t feel the same way as you, and you can’t seem to convince them to go with. More often than not, if you wait for your friends to go along with you, you’ll end up going nowhere.

So do not fear! 🙂 Consider coming alone!

I know it seems scary, but know that a yoga retreat is probably one of the best situations for you to be on your own: mentally, physically, and emotionally. When you come with your friends you are more likely to experience your yoga retreat through their eyes and expectations, or you may find that you are too distracted to experience the richness of the retreat.

However, if you come alone you are opening yourself up to the possibility of new friends, new experiences, new thoughts, and new a perspective.

For many people, going on a solo adventure travel can mean a lot of anxiety, but a yoga retreat is a safe in-between trip you can take while you get used to the idea of travelling alone. At a yoga retreat, the teacher, the organizer and the group might have your back, but you still need to learn who to trust, how to make new friends, and decide what you really want to do. This is the biggest reward of travelling solo: personal growth.

Well, isn’t that what you came here for? 😉

I will never get tired of saying this: the connections made on a yoga retreat are the best that will happen to you when you finally take the plunge. What are you waiting for?

How to plan your dream yoga holiday?

How to plan your dream yoga holiday?

I hear you -you’ve had enough of the same old rushed, overcrowded and stereotypical holiday destinations. This year is different, you need a REAL break, and you need time to work on your own well-being and inner peace. You’ve heard about yoga retreats, and you’re curious about them, but you’re not exactly sure how to pick the right combination.

Here are a few tips on how to plan your dream holiday this year! Just ask yourself a few questions, and it will be super easy to choose!


Define your yoga

Yoga retreats and yoga holidays come in all shapes and sizes, but one of the most important things you need to consider is how committed you are to your yoga practise. Remember there are usually two types of retreats: retreats and holidays. Yoga retreats usually dedicate a lot of time to yoga, and yoga holidays are more relaxed and will include more activities and cultural visits. Take this into account so as not to be disappointed!

Consider as well which school of yoga you follow and remember to bear that in mind!! At Surya Retreats you will frequently find flow-based yoga styles like Ashtanga or Vinyasa, but other yoga schools like Sivananda or Hatha are also common in our yoga retreats.


Pick a teacher

If your teacher already offers yoga retreats, you’re in the right direction. They will be able to guide you and tell you if the retreat they’re organizing is right for your level and your expectations.

But if your teacher is not planning any retreat anytime soon, make sure you get to know the teacher before attending their retreat. Learn about their biography, their experience, and if you can, connect with them directly to express your concerns, tell them about your practise and even your injuries. It will be easier to decide if you will get along with your teacher once they have explained their style of teaching and their goals on the retreat.


Mountain or Sea?

In terms of destinations, you want to narrow down the field of options. Perhaps you don’t want to travel too far from your country of origin, perhaps you’d like to the roots of yoga in India, or perhaps you think it’s safer to start with a Mediterranean country.

If your choice happens to be Spain, beware that you will still find very many different destination options with different atmospheres in this country too: yoga retreats can take place near the Mediterranean Sea and include plenty of water and sun-bathing time, they can happen in the Pyrenean Mountains and offer ski and snow-shoeing, or they can happen in the middle of the serene countryside in idyllic farmhouses.


Consider the advantages of prearranged packages

A couple of the upsides of buying a prearranged holiday package are convenience and comfort. This basically means some other person will worry beforehand about your safety, health conditions, and reliability of all the providers so you can concentrate on the joy of your yoga practise.

It is true –packages will be more expensive than if you buy an accommodation-only type of retreat, but consider all the decision-making time you are saving! Additionally, yoga retreat packages also include adventure and free-exploration to your holidays!


Whatever option you choose, yoga holidays are transforming experiences that will help you discover a new you. Peace and stillness, but also improved energy and strength are only a few of the gifts you will take home after attending a yoga retreat. Yoga holidays will also allow you to meet fellow yogis and other interesting travelers on the same spiritual path while having lots of fun.

Is your perfect retreat clear in your mind? It’s time to choose, then!

10 original places to sleep in your next yoga retreat in Spain

There are as many retreats out there as yogis in the world.

If you’ve never been on a yoga retreat before, the first thing that may come to your mind when I say “yoga retreat” might be a luxury resort with plenty of pampering options for your senses. Or perhaps you’re thinking of an eco-lodge with simpler facilities and surrounded by nature…

On the other hand, if you’ve attended a couple of yoga retreats before, you know there’s quite a variety out there, and you know what your ideal yoga retreat looks like.

Well, I’d like to surprise you today with some places you’d never imagine you’d be attending (or hosting) your next yoga retreat! We have all of these in Spain. 😉

Take a look:

1. A Gipsy caravan

Gipsy caravan for a yoga retreat in Spain

If you’re a wild soul, and you’d like to enjoy your retreat as if you were Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, there’s a hidden place on the Costa Brava where your dreams can come true. The yoga shala, made of wood and bright colours, will blow your mind!

2. A luxury villa

Luxury villa for a yoga retreat in Spain

There are plenty of exclusive destinations in Spain, but none like the Costa del Sol and the island of Ibiza. The Mediterranean breeze and the palm trees are a great inspiration for architects who create luxurious villas that combine all the glamour with a yogic atmosphere.

3. A Modernist house

Art Nouveau house for yoga retreats

In the early 20th century, Art Nouveau geniuses in Catalonia created mind-blowing mansions and apartments for the upper class. Today, you can host or attend a retreat in one of them! Cement tiles, high ornamental ceilings, cozy patios and an amazing rooftop with views of Barcelona.

4. A tent

Tent for yoga retreats

Camping has gone one step further with “glamping“. Nowadays, several retreat centers in Spain offer the possibility for you to be in touch with mother nature while enjoying all the comfort of a hotel. With our mild weather year round, you can sleep in a tent from early Spring to late Fall, and practise yoga outside too!

5. An old farmhouse

Rural house and farm for a yoga retreat

There are many traditional farmhouses throughout Spain that have been recently renovated as rural hotels or rural retreat centers. It is the case of old masías in Catalonia, or old cortijos in Andalucía. They are surrounded by peace, calm, and endless fields!

6. A kitsch hotel

Kitsch hotel for yoga retreat

Who said yoga retreats need to be all white and boring? Colour is fun! If you agree with me on this one, you will love this venue on the Costa Brava: each room is decorated with different themes, the kitchen, living room and terrace are colourful and sassy, and the outdoor meditating circle is a real treat for all yogis out there!

7. An urban hotel

Urban yoga retreat

We yogis have all probably attended a long weekend workshop in our city, but… taking a retreat in a city? Why not? With the right facilities (amazing yoga room, relaxing rooftop pool, and vegetarian restaurant!) who can say no to a few days of culture, tapas, sightseeing and yoga?

8. A tree house

Tree house yoga retreat

Maybe you’re a wild soul, but don’t feel like Esmeralda. You’re more like Tarzan! In this case, a retreat on top of a tree will definitely suit you best!! Don’t expect a full-running shower up there -but rest assured that both the views and the sounds of the forest at night will be worth it!

9. A yurt

Yurt yoga retreat

Yurts are portable tents traditionally used by nomads, especially in Turkey and Mongolia. Their large and quite solid structure makes for a very comfortable and atypical place to sleep! Oh, as a plus -in this venue in Andalucía, you will also find one of the biggest yoga shalas in Europe…!!

10. A mountain cottage

Mountain cottage yoga retreat

And for all altitude-junkies… a yoga retreat in a cottage, of course! All complete with wooden furniture, a fireplace, good food, indoor swimming pool, beautiful shala… and a lawn with impressive views towards a National Park!! Spain might be best known for its beaches, but the Pyrenees are just as awesome as the Alps!

How to overcome your post-retreat blues

How do I overcome my retreat nostalgia?

It’s been only 5 days since I said goodbye to my last group. I’m still in Andalucía, the land of the eternal Sun in Southern Spain. But even if the sunlight and warmth is trying hard to keep me in a good mood, my spirit is somewhere else –I’m overwhelmed from the past week.

This is what usually happens on the day after a retreat. You’re back to reality without previous warning: you stumble on the familiarity of your home, your pots and pans, your emails, your job, your gym and your cat. The shock of going back home collides with your struggle to bring back with you those moments of bliss and connections you felt while on retreat.

Your body might feel sore, yet you are relaxed, flying, you feel your body soar with every breath… and you wish you would feel like this forever. You start noticing the happiness that invaded you on your holiday slowly fades away…

I’m at this point right now, so I’d like to share a few tips on how to overcome your post-retreat gloom:

Keep up with your practise

One of my biggest struggles when I go back home is finding the time to practise. The schedule we usually follow on retreat is completely shattered once I get home. Morning alarms and mealtimes are a lot more relaxed on my daily basis (after all, I live in Spain!), and that’s specifically true for the first few days after a retreat. But the opposite may also be true for you: you have a family and children to care for, or a very demanding job that leaves very little room for yourself. All in all, it’s quite easy to make excuses and complain.

However, the post-retreat high should remind us that our yoga practise is non-negotiable, and no matter what is going on, we should always make time for it, just like we take time to brush our teeth and do our laundry. If you committed yourself to go on a yoga retreat in the first place, it’s because you needed some sort of push to change something in your life –so why not starting now that you’re still pumped from your last retreat?


Do not be too hard on yourself

Letting go of your graceful practise on retreat and finding the right time and space on your daily life will be hard. Obligations and stress will take over, and you may just not feel up to it. Forgive yourself. Everyone can have a bad day, or a bad week, or a bad month…!

Do not beat yourself up or get too disappointed for choosing to just throwing yourself on the couch in front of the TV instead of meditating for a few minutes. If that’s what you needed today, just acknowledge your needs and tell yourself tomorrow will be another day. Discipline is needed, but so is kindness and self-compassion.


Share the love

I will not stop saying one of the most beautiful aspects of yoga retreats are the people you will meet. People from very different walks of life come together with one same goal, which usually revolves around bettering oneself. You will undoubtedly open up, so will the others, and in no time, you will be bonding with possibly life-long friends and sharing beautiful stories you will want to tell over and over again.

Sadly, these connections will be missed back home. Make sure your yoga-friends support you and can give you the same sort of real and positive environment you experienced on your retreat. If you’re lucky, you might live in the same city with some of the participants, but if you don’t have such a community, look for one! There are plenty of meet-up groups that will help you find these like-minded people and build new and inspiring friendships!


Live in the present moment

The most important yogic teaching is to live in the moment, so it’s highly possible that holding on to your past experience will only make you miserable. Instead of dwelling in your travels or your retreat nostalgia, ty to cherish your current situation while being conscious of where you’re coming from. Tell your story to your friends, but don’t forget where you are now.

Sometimes I’m afraid I’ll forget these feelings and sensations I went through, and that’s why many of us hold on to the memories… so I like to keep a diary instead. Try that! Carefully write all your experiences, describe the retreat, the location, the teacher, the other participants, how you felt every morning and every evening before going to bed. This will help you release the experience while keeping it safe forever.


I hope your yoga retreat was SO AWESOME it was hard to go back to reality. But I also wish you a graceful transition and that you will book again soon!

7 things to expect on a yoga retreat

7 things to expect from our yoga retreats

So we’re leaving on our yearly Mindfulness and Ashtanga Yoga Retreat in a few days, and first-timers are always a little nervous to see what they’ll find. Even people who’ve been on yoga retreats before are curious to find out how this one is going to develop.

So these are a few things you should expect when you come on a yoga retreat with us:

1. It’s mostly girls

European and North American yoga is mostly dominated by women (around an 80%). This means that most possibly this proportion will be present in your yoga retreat as well.

2. Time for yourself

At our yoga retreats we usually give you some free time for you to just relax and breathe. You will always have a couple of hours a day with nothing on the program so you can reflect, observe and clear your mind.

3. Setting new goals

Getting out of your daily routine and taking time away from home will help you see things from a different perspective. Take advantage of this distance, take a look at your life, evaluate it and reassess your goals.

4. Asana practise

Our yoga retreats are designed so you practise at least once a day every morning, and perhaps twice. The difference with your routine practise is that you might be practising with a different teacher, or you might be focusing on special poses or transitions. Take it all in.

5. Time to meditate

After a couple of days of an intense yoga practise and meditation your emotions will start to come to surface. By opening the physical body through yoga, your emotional body will start to release as well: don’t hold them back. You usually do that on your daily life, so acknowledge any new feelings that may come up during your yoga retreat, and let them go.

6. New friends

You won’t feel like the odd one out in a new group of friends. Think about it: you already have lots in common with the rest of the participants –you all love yoga. And most probably, you will all have a common interest in healthy eating, wellness and self-improvement. A yoga retreat is the perfect place to meet new and interesting people!

7. Time outdoors

All our yoga retreats contemplate time in nature. Whether it is on a hiking excursion at a natural park or a sightseeing trip in Seville, make sure to breathe the new and fresh air, and let it nourish your body.


You will have been working on your body and soul, clearing your mind with meditation, and filling it will all new experiences and people. So if all goes well… you will not want to go home!

How to find your purpose on a yoga retreat

3 sure ways a yoga retreat will help you find your life purpose

There exist only a few who have discovered and grasped their true potential in life. Indeed, this is a very challenging task. Our society values those things that have barely any spiritual significance: money, status, goals… so it’s really hard not to believe that your happiness and well-being lie in the better-paid job, the bigger house, the more expensive clothes, or the faster car.

With all this noise, how can we provide some clarity to our inner selves and open up to discover our own unique gift to this world? First and foremost, remember that the answer is already within you: nobody else can teach you how you have to live your path and what your potential really is. Remember though, that you need to find time to connect with yourself, and that you must believe in your inner voice above anything else.

A yoga retreat will undoubtedly help you find some answers to these challenges. A yoga retreat will remove you from your routine, both physically and rationally, and consequently will make you face new points of view which will eventually lead you to your life purpose.

These are some ways in which a yoga retreat will guide your inner self:

1. There will be compulsory inner work.

Be it yoga and/or meditation, that is what you came here for. Take advantage of it! A daily spiritual practise during one whole week will spark a change in habits. This practise will help your brain get used to a newfound silence, acknowledge your calling and listen to the needs of your spirit. Rejoice and learn from stillness.

2. You will be surrounded by like-minded souls.

Being around other people who are emphatically looking for answers is one of the best experiences on a yoga retreat. While sharing some holiday time with similar people, you will realise that we are all the same; we are all looking for truth and happiness, and we are trying to make the most of our brief time on earth. Feel the energy!

3. You will be introduced to inspiring teachers.

You may be following your all-time yoga teacher, but it’s possible that other spiritual guides will be present at the retreat offering extra activities: massages, reiki, Ayurveda teachings, Kirtan sessions, etc. Don’t judge other traditions, and be open to ancient knowledge from different backgrounds. Take it all in! You never know where your true calling is hiding.

Whatever phase you’re at in your inward journey, a yoga retreat can help you arrive to where you have to be. The clarity you will find on your retreat will travel with you as you go back to your everyday life –this time more alive, more confident, calmer and happier.


10 reasons to visit Spain

10 reasons to travel to Spain

Ok, fine, I might be a little biased here, but hey, after I’ve travelled to many amazing countries in the world, I must admit that Spain has something special and it should be on everyone’s to-visit list. If you’re frowning right now, it’s most certainly because you’ve only scratched the surface. Let me give you a few reasons why you should consider Spain in your next trip:

1. The fiesta!

There is no time of the year when you won’t run into a festival or fiesta of some kind in Spain. Many of our festivals are the actual reason why so many people visit us –take for instance Holy Week in Sevilla, the Carnival in Tenerife, the Tomatina in Valencia, or any of the thousand music festivals in the summer. Whatever the occasion, Spanish festivals are always unique and unforgettable.

2. The “typical Spanish”

The Spanish most often consider themselves completely apart from other European countries. The Spanish have an original country culture as a whole, and very distinct particularities in its different regions. You can’t compare Galicia to Andalusia, the Basque Country to Catalonia. On each visit, you will find new things that will surprise you as if you were in a completely different country. Even if you have travelled all around Europe, Spain won’t feel like anything you’ve visited before -take meal times, for instance!

3. The food

Spanish food is famous all around the world, and each region boasts its own delicacies: paella, jamón, pa amb tomàquet and croquetas pair well with sangria and Rioja wine. Tapas culture prevails, especially in Southern Spain. Yet in the north, in cities like San Sebastián, you can get pintxos with the most delicious combinations of ingredients you can imagine. Open your mind, and open your stomach!

4. The variety of landscapes

Yes, all countries have differences between North and South… but in Spain, every area is radically different from the next, and each one is incredibly beautiful in its own way. You will find beaches and glaciers, deserts and volcanoes, lakes and mountains, plains and marshes… discover the variety of landscapes hiking, cycling, kayaking… Spain is a paradise for adventure sports.

5. We are the friendliest people on Earth!

Yes, again, it’s just not fair for me to say that… but it’s true! Spanish people are very nice, and they never hesitate to answer your questions, give directions… they will even take it upon themselves to walk up to you and ask you if you need help, or they will tell you all they know about a certain place! Stop at a bar or café, and start a conversation with a local! They will love the conversation.

6. The Flamenco

Of course, the typical flamenco dancer with the polka dots dress and a fan is a bit clichéd, but if you venture out of the tourist spots and into the real and local flamenco shows, you will be absolutely mesmerized. If you like music and dancing, this contagious and energetic tradition is just the number one reason for you to travel to Spain.

7. The monuments everywhere

Anywhere you look, you will see some remarkable building, some architectural wonder, a surprising detail. Do not miss the Royal Palace in Madrid, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, the Alhambra in Granada, or the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela, just to name a few.

8. The incomparable beaches

Spain’s beaches have nothing to envy to the Caribbean. You need to know how to avoid the crowds and the busiest times of the year, but in Spain you will find it all: from turquoise blue waters in Menorca, to long white sand beaches in Galicia, and the most impressive natural landscapes in Almería.

9. Spain is just cool

Whether you are travelling on your own, with your friends, with your significant other or with your family, you will never be bored in Spain! This country has it all: Spain has something for every interest and for every age. Spain is tradition and culture, but it’s also modernity and eclecticism.

10. It’s easy to reach!

Last, but not least, Spain is highly accessible. With an extensive network of international airports and a good infrastructure for ground transportation –be it by train or by road, the Iberian Peninsula offers easy ways for visitors to travel between regions cheaply. High speed trains are modern, roads are well-maintained, and public transportation is safe, so traveling from one side of the country to the other can be done with complete peace of mind.


Most of the time, I just find it hard to explain in words. Spain is different. We say that all the time, and for good reason. There is nothing else left for me to say that –come, and let me convince you!