Going alone on a yoga retreat

Why coming alone on a yoga retreat should not scare you

I know the feeling. You love yoga, and can’t live without it. This time, you’ve decided you’re going to jump in and invest on a yoga retreat for your holidays. You’ve pictured it all in your mind, and it looks perfect: the warm Spanish sun, amazing beaches, a beautiful villa, your morning yoga practise and some meditation, and a group of friends sharing some delicious food toasting for the good times.

Except… who are these friends again? Oh-oh. None of YOUR friends are THAT much into yoga –let alone your partner! Some have tried it, and some are going to regular classes, but they don’t feel the same way as you, and you can’t seem to convince them to go with. More often than not, if you wait for your friends to go along with you, you’ll end up going nowhere.

So do not fear! 🙂 Consider coming alone!

I know it seems scary, but know that a yoga retreat is probably one of the best situations for you to be on your own: mentally, physically, and emotionally. When you come with your friends you are more likely to experience your yoga retreat through their eyes and expectations, or you may find that you are too distracted to experience the richness of the retreat.

However, if you come alone you are opening yourself up to the possibility of new friends, new experiences, new thoughts, and new a perspective.

For many people, going on a solo adventure travel can mean a lot of anxiety, but a yoga retreat is a safe in-between trip you can take while you get used to the idea of travelling alone. At a yoga retreat, the teacher, the organizer and the group might have your back, but you still need to learn who to trust, how to make new friends, and decide what you really want to do. This is the biggest reward of travelling solo: personal growth.

Well, isn’t that what you came here for? 😉

I will never get tired of saying this: the connections made on a yoga retreat are the best that will happen to you when you finally take the plunge. What are you waiting for?