Yoga retreat advantages

Going on a retreat… from what?

More and more, I find new people who, when I tell them I organize yoga retreats, tell me they have been looking for something like that. They are looking for meaningful and transformational holidays, well beyond the typical days off. A few days, a long weekend, a week, or even a month can achieve so much more than just one yoga class or workshop!

There is a change in life perception happening –when someone makes a conscious decision to explore their spirituality through a yoga or meditation retreat it certainly means they are going on a lifelong journey of discovery. For many others, though, you might still be struggling to find time to snug in some more time for one more yoga class in the middle of your busy day. Taking part in these classes makes you feel better, more grounded, more flexible…

Is, then, a yoga retreat for you?

Even when you feel you don’t have time, if this idea has crossed your mind –don’t let it die! A yoga retreat will positively change you inside-out. Attending several in-depth classes in a short period of time in a setting far from one’s home can fuel energetic and emotional connections. Not only will you spend lots of time with other people with similar interests, but you will also have time to observe yourself in the presence of others and your place in the world.

If you’ve ever slightly considered a retreat, read on –these are a few reasons that should make you go for it!

  1. Deep rest, clean air and relaxation will help your body rhythm readjust to its natural state.
  2. Getting out of your daily routine and regular landscape will help you make space for something new when you go back.
  3. Practising yoga regularly on a retreat is a good way to get the feeling of starting your own personal practise. Consistency will also improve your flexibility –in and out of the mat- so you can approach situations more peacefully.
  4. Meet new people for real. Mindfulness and meditation exercises will open people’s hearts and help melt down barriers so authentic connections are born within the group.
  5. Get on track with healthier eating. With organic, vegetarian meals provided, you don’t have to stress about the preparation and you can dive into how to sustain a healthier lifestyle through new types of cooking and food in general.
  6. You will find the time you need to reflect upon some life questions. Meditation will help you in countless ways, and some of the bonuses of sitting in silence regularly on a retreat, you will notice when you go back home –you will start acting more naturally, quit spending your valuable time and energy on things that don’t serve you, and happiness will naturally expand.

Bottom line, what’s most important is that everything (or most things!) you learn on a retreat you can take back home with you and start applying in your daily life. The choice is yours: if you’re ready to pursue a new, happier and healthier lifestyle, go on a yoga retreat! Your body and mind will thank you for it.

Chanting in yoga

How opening up to chanting changed how I feel about yoga

About a year ago, I knew nothing about chanting. Not that I’m an expert today, but my perception has most certainly changed a lot.

I used to think chanting was for the crazy hippies and maybe the sect-bound weak personalities. I know –I was quite prejudiced. But hey, I’ve changed! Changed happened after the very first session. I was leading a retreat with Sivananda teacher Laia Puig, and she incorporating some chanting in the sessions.

It was powerful.

Just listening to her was mesmerizing, but when the group slowly started loosening up and joining here and there, we all could feel the energy. We were in a trance, we were singing the Sanskrit words and falling into some sort of spell that would last a long time after the singing.

After the retreat, I attended my first kirtan… boy, wasn’t that special! The singers would start singing the mantras slowly and little by little speed the rhythm up… following the rhythm, yogis attending the concert would clap, sing, dance, get up and jump with their hands to the sky.

The power of chanting was incredibly evident and I suddenly understood why so many spiritual traditions use it for transformation. I was transformed. I felt connected to all those people. I felt real happiness. And I wanted more.

If you’ve never experienced anything like this before, be open. And trust me, it will get pretty awesome. So allow yourself to be open to new experiences. Let go of any negative thoughts like “I will look stupid”, or “this is weird!”. Remember in yoga we always say that the poses you don’t like are the ones you should be practising most, because your body needs them most. The same is true for any experiences you are resisting.

So let go of the expectations and judgements that don’t really serve you and bring your awareness to the surrendering of the moment… Maybe just listen… maybe start moving… maybe chant a little… you will then experience the freedom that comes with living the moment.

Me, I’m leaving tomorrow on another retreat with Laia, and I expect more chanting, more freedom, more connection…

I cannot wait!

7 things to expect on a yoga retreat

7 things to expect from our yoga retreats

So we’re leaving on our yearly Mindfulness and Ashtanga Yoga Retreat in a few days, and first-timers are always a little nervous to see what they’ll find. Even people who’ve been on yoga retreats before are curious to find out how this one is going to develop.

So these are a few things you should expect when you come on a yoga retreat with us:

1. It’s mostly girls

European and North American yoga is mostly dominated by women (around an 80%). This means that most possibly this proportion will be present in your yoga retreat as well.

2. Time for yourself

At our yoga retreats we usually give you some free time for you to just relax and breathe. You will always have a couple of hours a day with nothing on the program so you can reflect, observe and clear your mind.

3. Setting new goals

Getting out of your daily routine and taking time away from home will help you see things from a different perspective. Take advantage of this distance, take a look at your life, evaluate it and reassess your goals.

4. Asana practise

Our yoga retreats are designed so you practise at least once a day every morning, and perhaps twice. The difference with your routine practise is that you might be practising with a different teacher, or you might be focusing on special poses or transitions. Take it all in.

5. Time to meditate

After a couple of days of an intense yoga practise and meditation your emotions will start to come to surface. By opening the physical body through yoga, your emotional body will start to release as well: don’t hold them back. You usually do that on your daily life, so acknowledge any new feelings that may come up during your yoga retreat, and let them go.

6. New friends

You won’t feel like the odd one out in a new group of friends. Think about it: you already have lots in common with the rest of the participants –you all love yoga. And most probably, you will all have a common interest in healthy eating, wellness and self-improvement. A yoga retreat is the perfect place to meet new and interesting people!

7. Time outdoors

All our yoga retreats contemplate time in nature. Whether it is on a hiking excursion at a natural park or a sightseeing trip in Seville, make sure to breathe the new and fresh air, and let it nourish your body.


You will have been working on your body and soul, clearing your mind with meditation, and filling it will all new experiences and people. So if all goes well… you will not want to go home!

How to find your purpose on a yoga retreat

3 sure ways a yoga retreat will help you find your life purpose

There exist only a few who have discovered and grasped their true potential in life. Indeed, this is a very challenging task. Our society values those things that have barely any spiritual significance: money, status, goals… so it’s really hard not to believe that your happiness and well-being lie in the better-paid job, the bigger house, the more expensive clothes, or the faster car.

With all this noise, how can we provide some clarity to our inner selves and open up to discover our own unique gift to this world? First and foremost, remember that the answer is already within you: nobody else can teach you how you have to live your path and what your potential really is. Remember though, that you need to find time to connect with yourself, and that you must believe in your inner voice above anything else.

A yoga retreat will undoubtedly help you find some answers to these challenges. A yoga retreat will remove you from your routine, both physically and rationally, and consequently will make you face new points of view which will eventually lead you to your life purpose.

These are some ways in which a yoga retreat will guide your inner self:

1. There will be compulsory inner work.

Be it yoga and/or meditation, that is what you came here for. Take advantage of it! A daily spiritual practise during one whole week will spark a change in habits. This practise will help your brain get used to a newfound silence, acknowledge your calling and listen to the needs of your spirit. Rejoice and learn from stillness.

2. You will be surrounded by like-minded souls.

Being around other people who are emphatically looking for answers is one of the best experiences on a yoga retreat. While sharing some holiday time with similar people, you will realise that we are all the same; we are all looking for truth and happiness, and we are trying to make the most of our brief time on earth. Feel the energy!

3. You will be introduced to inspiring teachers.

You may be following your all-time yoga teacher, but it’s possible that other spiritual guides will be present at the retreat offering extra activities: massages, reiki, Ayurveda teachings, Kirtan sessions, etc. Don’t judge other traditions, and be open to ancient knowledge from different backgrounds. Take it all in! You never know where your true calling is hiding.

Whatever phase you’re at in your inward journey, a yoga retreat can help you arrive to where you have to be. The clarity you will find on your retreat will travel with you as you go back to your everyday life –this time more alive, more confident, calmer and happier.


How to stay grounded while traveling

5 tips to stay grounded while traveling

Building some sort of routine is quite easy when you’re at home, where you are in control of your calendar and can fit in an agreeable schedule. However, when you travel, that rhythm is altered, and it can catch you off-guard. To set yourself out for an awesome trip, learn how to keep yourself grounded with the following techniques:

Staying grounded far away from home truly comes down to being mindful and focused even when changing landscapes, time zones and your meal time schedules (quite evident in Spain, right?!). Staying grounded means being able to stay present at all times during your trip, being able to breathe without effort and feeling no anxiety for the changes applied to your body and brain.

When you can do that, you appreciate your every minute away to the fullest. Don’t try to stick to your regular schedule. Instead, try these techniques while on the road:

Create a peaceful space for yourself

Cluttered environments can make you feel restless and maybe even anxious. Unpack your bags upon arrival, and take some time to arrange your new room so it feels more homey and cozy for you. Maybe you even have personal items like family photos or a little Ganesha figure that always travel with you. Take your time to familiarize with your new and temporary home before setting out to explore more.

Energize with oils

Like candles, essential oils stimulate your smell, which undoubtedly impacts how you feel. Ayurveda recommends lavender scents for vata imbalances, jasmine or sandalwood for pitta, and eucalyptus for kapha. Bring some of these always with you together with your other personal items, and add a few drops to your bath or massage them into your skin while setting down.

Light a candle

For me, candles do the trick even better than the oils. There’s a calm warmth to the flame, and this is especially true when the candle is scented with familiar fragrances, like lavender, lemongrass or musk. These will help you refresh and quiet your nerves.

Let go of expectations

It is normal to have expectations when we travel. We look for the perfect trip because we’ve invested time and money into it. But when an unforeseen accident happens, like a delayed plane, getting sick, or a minor car breakdown, it is helpful to remember some little yoga philosophy: what would Patanjali do?

He would probably apply two of the observances (niyamas) of the eight limbs of classical yoga: Ishvara pranidhana (practise of surrender) and santosha (contentment). This can help you remember that pleasure must be found in the journey, whatever unexpected turns it may take.

Modify your yoga routine

If you go on a yoga holiday or retreat, expect to have a detailed yoga schedule that may alter your usual routine. However, if you travel for any other reason, you might not have room schedule-wise, or the right space, or even the energy for your full yoga practise. Do try to stick to some sort of yoga practise –you will undoubtedly notice some improvement. Attempt to meditate a few minutes a day and practise a few standing yoga asanas: by grounding your feet, you will immediately feel steadier.

Live to walk

Why traveling makes us better yogis

Traveling is more than just stepping on new lands and trying new foods. It’s about meeting a new you, it’s a personal transformation, it’s a learning experience that propels us out of our comfort zone.

Why do I travel? Well, I am in love with culture and languages. When I travel, I want to gain some understanding of the place I visit, and I want to connect with the local people –I want them to show me a culture different from my own. Read more