Live to walk

Why traveling makes us better yogis

Traveling is more than just stepping on new lands and trying new foods. It’s about meeting a new you, it’s a personal transformation, it’s a learning experience that propels us out of our comfort zone.

Why do I travel? Well, I am in love with culture and languages. When I travel, I want to gain some understanding of the place I visit, and I want to connect with the local people –I want them to show me a culture different from my own.

I love traveling because it shows how much we have in common with our fellow human beings despite of the distance. Just think about how you can talk about yoga to anyone on the other side of the planet. Just think about how many people, like us, travel halfway through the world to share something so sacred as their yoga practise.I love visiting a different country because by learning about each other’s’ differences, I learn a little bit more about who I am and where I come from.

Travel makes the immaterial, touchable. It changes you forever. It is a humbling experience. You have to rely on others not to get lost. You have to stay focused not to lose your path. Being present in the moment lets you enjoy all the newly found beauty. When you allow this change to happen, you open your heart to transformation, to new ways of inspiration, to friendship, to love. These are all things we all have heard a thousand times in our yoga class, and so the combination of these two fascinating experiences gives us an amazing opportunity for personal growth.

Travel more. And travel while doing yoga. Visit a new country and try their strangest dishes, discover new ways of dancing and laughing, learn about old traditions and breathe their fresh mountain and ocean air. Open your mind to a new perspective –do more yoga.