How to attract your perfect yoga holiday

3 steps to attracting your perfect yoga holiday

My current job is a blessing –I get to travel a lot. Some days it’s only a few hours’ drive from where I live, other times, I get to work from some of the most remarkable cities on earth (London last week, for instance!). Even better –I get to travel for yoga, meeting amazing souls and wonderful teachers. Seeing the world, learning about other cultures, talking to its people, and experiencing new things is what keeps me going.

What keeps YOU going? I believe that setting some time aside and thinking about your set of values in life is extremely important. For many of us, time for travel is quite high on the list. Oftentimes though, we find ourselves restricted with only so many days of holidays per year, financial difficulties, or just obligations to attend to at home. And then we tend to believe that one of our vital needs will go away, because all other duties need to be placed first…?

But don’t fool yourself. If you’re the travelling type (and plus, a yogi!), you NEED to get away just as much as you need to finish all your other responsibilities! Follow these steps to create more time and money in your life and you won’t have to compromise any more:

1. Start saving now for your travels.

Even if you’re setting aside a very small amount each month, as low as 25€, for example, this will help you set an intention and concentrate your efforts in a change of mindset. By being able to periodically budget your income into the things you love, you will allow yourself to start planning your next trip with more peace of mind.

2. Create your visualization board.

I love visualization boards! I have a notebook filled with many! Start to consciously identify all the things that make your ideal trip and create a nice collage with them. Is there yoga? Is it sunny? Is it on the beach? Maybe on the mountains? Are you interacting with the locals? Are you meeting new people? Every time you look at your travel visualization board (do so very often!) you are taking a mindful step towards it.

3. Find the right dream trip providers.

Search online for which sites offer the kind of trip you are dreaming about. Sign up for their newsletter, and wait for their promotions and discount offers. I’m positive the Universe will give you the exact trip you were dying to take at the exact moment you’re ready to go for it!

In the end, you know what you want your unique life to look like. You and I know the kind of spiritual reward travel offers us, so apply these easy steps and don’t delay it any longer. Your perfect (yoga!) trip is out there waiting for you!

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